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Welcome to my website!

About Laplante Guitars

Located in Kingston, a stone's throw from the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario, Laplante Guitars is a "boutique" lutherie shop specializing in "one of a kind" instruments...

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What my guitars look and sound like ...

Here's a sample of some of the guitars I've designed and built over the last 20 years or so. For some of them, I've managed to record or get some clips from their owners.

Basic home studio recording in most cases...

Solid Bodies and Acoustics

No, I didn't forget you...

Even though  a significant part of my production is focused on archtop guitars, I also build one of a kind acoustics and solid bodies as well.

And some of them, well...can be pretty exotic....


My latest one for Felix Martin...A 14-string dual fingerboard acoustic Guitar. with, as a bonus, an adjustable angle neck...A lot of strings but it will be magic in the hands of this young virtuoso. Clips coming soon...

               asif illyas

     flight deck project


A few years ago, I built this guitar ("Galadriel") for Asif Illyas, a canadian musician/artist with a list of achievements too long to describe in this short section...

His latest project (FlightDeck.com) is so original that you must check it out.

                   A MUST TO WATCH!




Building an Electric Archtop Guitar

"For those who may want to build an electric archtop or are simply curious to see how my archtops are built, here's a book that you may find useful. It was first published in Nov 2011 and is aging very well..."


New models 2018

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